• Battleships Competition

    BattleshipsBattleships is Jagathon’s event held in conjunction with Regatta Week, located in the IUPUI Natatorium Competition Pool. Battleships is a wet and fun team challenge where teams combine skill, balance, creativity, and school pride into an all-out water fight in the IU Natatorium. Teams will use buckets and other water throwing and blocking devices to sink an opposing team’s canoes while remaining afloat to be crowned the IUPUI Intramural Battleships Champion.

    Teams will consist of 3 people per-canoe and an alternate with a goal of sinking the other team’s canoes while staying afloat themselves.

    Battleships Qualifications take place September 18th, 2018 from 8:00PM to 11:00PM in the IUPUI Natatorium. Finals will take place at the IUPUI Regatta on September 22nd, 2018.

  • Cardboard Boat Competition

    Are you competitive? Do you like building things? If so, then the Cardboard Boat Competition is for you!

    Tap into your creative, critical thinking side and construct a boat to find out if you have what it takes to win! Sign up today and may the oars be ever in your favor!

    Click for Rules


    Register now to compete! Registration will close after the first 10 teams have registered. A $10 deposit is required to compete.

    Each team will consist of two paddlers. There are two ways to make up your team:

    Team Captain (doesn’t row) + 2 paddlers OR
    Team Captain (rows) + 1 paddler

    Cardboard Boat Race Day

    Race: Saturday, September 22, 2018, at 9 a.m. Participants must arrive no later than 8:30 a.m. the day of the race. Also, please bring your JagTag or an ID. Race day, each paddler must complete a Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement form before participating.


    1st Place: Gold 3D printed trophy
    2nd Place: Silver 3D printed trophy
    3rd Place: Bronze 3D printed trophy

  • Dog Contest

    Dog Costume Contest PosterDo you have a dog? Are you creative? Then we want YOU to enter your dog in our dog costume contest! Registration will close after the first 20 entries are completed.

    Contest Rules

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Registration will be done onsite between 11:00AM and 1:00PM and will close after the first 20 entries are completed.
    2. Dogs must be registered by 1:00PM to participate. One form per dog.
    3. All dogs must be leashed at all times and under the control of the accompanying owner.
    4. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their own dog if needed.
    5. You and your dog must be comfortable in a highly social environment.
    6. Children 12 and under with a dog in the contest must be accompanied by an adult.
    7. All owners must complete a Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement form. (Available day of the contest)
    8. The IUPUI Regatta will provide water stations for your dog.
    9. Creativity is admired!
    10. Have fun!

    Time & Staging

    One member of your group must check in at the registration table located at the Walnut Basin between 11:00AM-1:00PM to register.

    Participants must be lined up and ready to go no later than 2:35PM.

    Owners and pets will be required to walk across the stage located in the Walnut Basin and then wait until all contestants have completed their course.

    Contestants must be sure to stay for the entire length of the contest in order to be eligible for a prize.

    ***X on map below indicates location of Dog Costume contest and registration: Exchange Basin- “Community Festival Area” located off of West Walnut Street***

    Judging & Prizes

    1. Best of Show
    2. Most Creative

    Prizes will be awarded to three dogs for Best of Show and one dog for most creative.

    1st Place: Gift bag with various dog supplies and toys

    2nd PlaceGift bag with various dog supplies and toys

    3rd PlaceGift bag with various dog supplies and toys

    Most Creative: Gift bag with various dog supplies and toys

  • Team Theme Contest

    Show off your IUPUI Regatta pride as well as team spirit by participating in the 2018 Regatta Team Theme Contest! This year, we want you to show off your enthusiasm for Regatta by having your team dress in a theme of your choice!

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Must be appropriate for all ages (no curse words, violence, etc.)
    2. Must include team name or the school/organization you are representing.
    3. Please refrain from using material that may fall off.
    4. Winners will be announced the day of the Regatta, Saturday 9/22/18.
    5. Have fun!


    Saturday, September 22, 2018, at the 10th Annual IUPUI Regatta @ Downtown Indianapolis Canal.

    Limited to Regatta paddlers/teams only.


    1st place: Reserved spot in the 2019 IUPUI Regatta

    2nd placeHotBox Pizza gift certificate

    3rd place: HotBox Pizza gift certificate

  • Tug-of-War Contest

    Introducing the Regatta's newest contest: Tug-of-War!!

    If there is ever a time to play tug-of-war in the water, now is as good a time as any! This canoe-based event will be beginning around noon on race day, September 22nd. There will be 3 divisions, consisting of 10 teams total per division. Divisions include Men, Women, and Co-ed.

    Be sure to view our social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) accounts for a demo of this race.

    Register Now!

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Registration will open on August 28, 2018, and close after 10 teams have registered for each division. A $20 fee will be due at the time of registration.
    2. Each team must consist of two paddlers who are IUPUI students, or alumni, and are over the age of 18. Each paddler must complete a Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement form the day of the event before participating.
    3. All paddlers must wear personal flotation devices (PFDs), which will be provided.
    4. All paddlers must be properly attired to participate. No clothing shall be worn that displays profanity or obscene language. Closed toe shoes must be worn when in the canoe. Please come dressed appropriately.
    5. The boat must meet all rules found below or it will be disqualified.
    6. If you are unable to participate for any reason, you have until Wednesday, September 20, 2018, to unregister and your deposit will be refunded. If you are a no-show the day of the event, your deposit will not be refunded.
    7. Paddlers must arrive no later than 10 minutes before their heat start time on the day of the competition, 9/22/18. Reference the map below for check in.
    8. Have fun!

    Competition Structure & Rules

    1. The competition will test each team’s strength and endurance.
    2. Teams will compete in a randomly generated double elimination bracket competition.
    3. A new heat will start every 15 minutes. Each team will be assigned a start time and must arrive 10 minutes before that time.
      1. If you are also competing in the 2018 Regatta canoe race and your start time conflicts with your heat for the race, please contact Anila Podila at
    4. Two matches will be occurring at one time.
    5. Splashing other teams, purposefully tipping the canoe, and trying to make contact with other canoes is not permitted.
      1. Any of these may result in a penalty or disqualification.

    Judging & Prizes

    Medals will be awarded to the first and second place from each division.