Steering Committee

The 2019 Regatta Steering Committee General Board

The Regatta is planned and organized by a body of students, the Regatta Steering Committee. Through this involvement, you will develop as a leader, create long-lasting campus connections, gain real-life experience, take ownership in planning a signature event, and leave an enduring mark on IUPUI’s campus community! As a member of the general board, you will be a part of the planning process and the fun.

This position will require professionalism, a good attitude, and attendance to monthly meetings. Through your involvement you will be assisting various teams as they prepare for this large event. We want to best match your skills with the areas where help is needed. Some areas/tasks you may be asked to help with:

  • Reaching students through tabling and self-promoting the event
  • Posting social media content on all platforms for the Regatta
  • Planning and executing Spring and Fall Regatta Week
  • Supporting the team before, during, and after the event
  • Recruiting volunteers for various aspects of the Regatta
  • Volunteering for other IUAA events to assist Alumni Relations
  • Contributing your point of view and helping guide overall strategy for the Committee

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Responsibilities and commitments

It is an expectation of all committee members to dedicate a calendar year, from December 2018 to December 2019, to their positions. Committee members will be required to attend weekly committee meetings on campus throughout the summer of 2019. All applicants are expected to maintain a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA and exhibit a high level of professionalism. All committee members will be working with programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Drive, Trello, and GroupMe in order to achieve successful communication throughout the coordination of the IUPUI Regatta. All position descriptions below indicate the responsibilities of each committee member. Committee members will also be expected to complete a certain number of volunteer hours outside of their position descriptions to help advance the event (i.e. tabling). It is essential to understand that your responsibilities may not be limited to the following descriptions, as the IUPUI Regatta is continually growing and changing. Finally, be aware that all committee members work together as a team, and overlap in their responsibilities for the entire year process.

Board of Directors


Reach out to the Director of Recruitment, Blaire Viehweg, at