The Regatta Experience

Whether you're cheering on a roommate, friend, or loved one, the Regatta is a spectator's dream:

  • Contests

    Enhance your Regatta experience by participating in any of the longstanding contests throughout the day!

    Dog Costume Contest:
    Bring your loyal companion dressed up in their best costume. The IUPUI Regatta takes pride in being able to host spectators of all sorts from young to wise and from feet to paws. Prep your pup for this year’s contest and keep an eye out for more information!

    Cardboard Boat Contest:
    Participants will race their makeshift rafts to the finish. Can you build a boat from just cardboard and tape and make it through our canal course?

    Banner Contest:
    IUPUI students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to create a banner to represent their organization. Winning banners will be hung proudly on race day to display to the public.

    Battleships Competition:
    Battleships is a wet and fun team challenge where teams combine skill, balance, creativity, and school pride into an all-out water fight in the IU Natatorium. Teams will use buckets and other water throwing and blocking devices to sink an opposing team’s canoes while reaming afloat to be crowned the IUPUI Intramural Battleships Champion.

    Teams tug a rope while inside of a canoe, battling to the finish line.

  • Entertainment

    The race isn’t the only thing we have to keep you entertained. This year Regatta will feature Zumba, Tony Hoard, Xiphos Corps, The Moving Company, Jump Rope Warrior, Yoga and many other fun things.

  • Family

    Located near the USS Indianapolis Memorial, a designated area has been created to entertain spectators of all ages. Make sure to walk down the canal from the start/finish line to the USS Indianapolis Memorial to check out the Dog Costume Contest, face painters, massive inflatables, and a family and community stage featuring local entertainment; all of which is free to the public!

  • Food

    A longstanding tradition with the IUPUI Regatta has been our loyal support from local food trucks and restaurants. We’ll have plenty of tasty food vendors to choose from in 2017.

    Please note that most of our partners accept both cash and card for methods of payment. 

  • Vendors

    Indianapolis and her neighboring cities are home to a wealth of small businesses, and the IUPUI Regatta takes pride in partnerships with them to provide an opportunity to sell merchandise.

    A list of some of the vendors will include: Indy Star, Gigi’s Cupcakes, IMCU, Red Bull, Gaucho’s Fire food truck, Cluster Truck, Kona Ice truck, Sushi Boss, NY Slice Pizza food truck, Dippin Dots


The IUPUI Regatta is a rain or shine event. Please plan accordingly with regards to the weather. In the past, the IUPUI Regatta has weathered storms, cold mornings, and beautiful rays of sunshine. Weather updates will be communicated through all of our social media forums.