Race Rules

Official Race Day Rules

It is the responsibly of every Regatta participant to know the rules of the race. Please review the Official Race Rules and plan on attending a race orientation in September.

How to Get Involved at the 2017 Regatta

Join us on September 23, 2017, for the 9th Annual IUPUI Regatta as the campus once again takes over the Downtown Indianapolis Canal to raise money for student scholarships! For this year’s race, there are more ways than ever before to participate and get involved!

How can YOU be a part of the IUPUI Regatta?

There are countless ways to join in the 2017 IUPUI Regatta hysteria:

  • Represent your student organization, Greek affiliation, or school by signing up a team of paddlers to race! Registration begins August 23rd at 8 am. Act quickly as the event will sell out that day!
  • Visit our website to learn more about how you or your organization can participate in the Regatta hysteria.
    • Craft a banner for the Banner Competition to show your student organization, fraternity, sorority, or school pride on the IUPUI campus!
    • Construct a cardboard boat to race in the Cardboard Boat Competition on the Canal!
    • Bring your furry friends and dress up your dog for the Dog Costume Contest!
    • Volunteer and have a personal hand in making the IUPUI Regatta a success!
    • Join us throughout Regatta Week to participate in even more fun including: Natatorium Battleships, the ROTC Obstacle Course, and more! Special events will also include a Regatta Week T-shirt tie-dye presented by SOAR, S’mores ‘N Oars presented by IUPUI Housing, IUPUI Battleships presented by Jagathon, and a favorite film presented by SAPB in Taylor Courtyard on the IUPUI campus!
  • Donate to the Stefan S. Davis IUPUI Regatta Scholarship online: iufoundation.fundly.com/paddlingforscholarships.
  • Purchase Regatta-themed merchandise to support the Stefan S. Davis IUPUI Regatta Scholarship: stores.inksoft.com/IUPUI_Regatta.
  • The Regatta isn’t just for those paddling in canoes or participating in Regatta Week events! Enjoy a day-of festival with friends and family in a welcoming atmosphere provided by the 2017 Regatta. Bounce houses, face painting, music, food trucks, and MORE!

Keep your eyes on our social media outlets to watch as the 2017 IUPUI Regatta unfolds, and see how YOU can be a part of it! As always… #YouGottaRegatta.

Team Tasks to Complete

The 2017 IUPUI Regatta will be held on the downtown canal on September 23, 2017. Each registered team must complete the tasks listed in these instructions prior to competing. Waivers and all other forms will be signed electronically this year. All applicable forms should be electronically signed and completed before Wednesday, September 13 at 5:00 p.m.

Please feel free to contact Jason Kabir, Director of Rules and Teams, at jskabir@iupui.edu with any questions or concerns.

  • Task 1

    Each team must register online at regatta.iupui.edu. General and Sponsor Registration will open on August 23. Cost is $160 per student team, as well as for faculty/staff/alumni/mixed teams ($40/paddler). Up to 2 additional handlers/alternate paddlers can join a team at no additional cost.

  • Task 2

    Sponsor teams must be registered by Friday, September 1, at 5:00 p.m. If not registered before that time, the spot will be forfeited and provided to a team on the waitlist.

  • Task 3

    Each team member must complete the 2017 IUPUI Regatta Waiver & Photo Release forms electronically through DocuSign (a sample waiver can be found here). The team captain will receive a registration confirmation email that contains the link to the DocuSign waiver. THE TEAM CAPTAIN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR FORWARDING THIS EMAIL TO ALL TEAM MEMBERS. All team members will sign the forms by following the link, signing in with email, and entering the access code sent by DocuSign in another email. Team members must know their team name and team captain’s name when signing the forms.

  • Task 4

    One member from each team must attend an orientation session. The orientations will take place in the Campus Center; specific times and rooms are detailed below.

    • Tuesday, September 5 from 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. in CE 305
    • Wednesday, September 6 from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in CE 002 (Theater)
    • Tuesday, September 12 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. in CE 002 (Theater)
  • Task 5

    Practice sessions are optional but are strongly encouraged. There are two scheduled sessions on the canal on September 16 (9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.) and September 17 (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.). These sessions are aimed at getting paddlers comfortable in the canoe, keeping the canoe upright, and moving the canoe in the direction intended. Please view the schedule, instructions, and additional practice information by following the link provided in the registration confirmation email or by going directly to the Regatta’s website at regatta.iupui.edu.

  • Task 6

    Please review all rules and regulations on this page.

Welcome Message from the Regatta Leadership

Dear 2017 IUPUI Regatta Participant,

We are excited to have you as a part of one of the biggest and best traditions on the IUPUI campus! This year marks the Ninth Annual IUPUI Regatta, marking the final year before we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Regatta and the 50-year anniversary of IUPUI in 2018. On behalf of the Regatta Steering Committee, thank you for your participation and enthusiasm! Here's some news and notes about the 2017 IUPUI Regatta:

  • Competition

    This year, the field of 150 teams is comprised of students, faculty, staff, and alumni and divided amongst three divisions (male, female, and co-ed). Teams will compete in groups of 10 across 15 different heats throughout the day, before the final heats are run to crown the champions of each division.

  • Festivals, Food, and Fun

    The Regatta is more than just a canoe race on the canal. With a week of pre-race events during Regatta Week, a Family & Community Area featuring a wide variety of entertainment and fun for people of all ages, and food and marketplace vendors, there is plenty to explore. We encourage you to view our website and social media outlets to stay involved during Regatta Week and on race day, September 23!

  • Scholarship

    For the third consecutive year, we are pleased to announce the distribution of the Stefan S. Davis IUPUI Regatta Scholarship to 10 deserving students! The hard work and dedication from students, faculty, administrators, and alumni since 2009 has provided us with the opportunity to give back to students, and we look forward to doing this in the years to come. This year, the Regatta Steering Committee launched a page on the crowdfunding platform Fundly, through which we have raised over $3700 for future scholarships. To donate, visit iufoundation.fundly.com/paddlingforscholarships.

  • Behind the Scenes

    It takes a team of over 20 dedicated student leaders working together for 12 months to strategize and plan the IUPUI Regatta each year. We invite each of you to bring your family and friends to the canal to enjoy all aspects of the event and recognize the hard work and dedication put into the Regatta each year. Interested in joining the 2018 Regatta Steering Committee? Complete the interest form to be notified when applications open.

Feel free to explore our website to learn more about this event by navigating to regatta.iupui.edu, like us on Facebook (facebook.com/IUPUI.Regatta), follow us on Twitter and Instagram @IUPUIRegatta, or post using our hashtags #YouGottaRegatta or #IUPUIRegatta. Thank you for your commitment to the Ninth Annual IUPUI Regatta and to the continued expansion of this lasting campus tradition. Best of luck!

Evan Goley
Senior, IU Kelley School of Business | Executive Director, IUPUI Regatta | egoley@indiana.edu

Sarah Goy
Senior, IUPUI School of Science | Associate Executive Director, IUPUI Regatta | sgoy@iupui.edu

Official Rules & Regulations

  • 1. Eligibility

    1.1 Only students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (“IUPUI”) shall be eligible to participate in the 2017 IUPUI Regatta (“Regatta”) as paddlers and handlers/alternates. All paddlers are subject to verification of their status with the campus.

  • 2. Registration & Orientation

    2.1 Each participant, paddler, and crew member (“Participant” or “Participants”) must read and electronically sign the Participant Waiver of Liability and Photo Release via DocuSign (please review the sample waiver here). Additionally, all team members must read and understand these Race Rules and Regulations. Teams may register beginning on August 23, 2017, at regatta.iupui.edu. Regatta supporters are able to register beginning at 8:00 am EDT on August 23, 2017.

    2.2 The IUPUI Regatta is a family-friendly event, and no team name shall include discriminatory, profane, or obscene language. All team names are subject to approval by the campus and the Regatta Steering Committee.

    2.3 Team captains shall be selected prior to registration by each team. In the case of substitutions for the team captain, notice should be given to the Regatta Committee on or before September 13, 2017, at 5:00 pm. Any changes after this date will not be permitted.

    2.4 The responsibilities of the team captain shall be:
    i. The team captain is the sole member of the team responsible for registering the team for the event.
    ii. The team captain will be the point person for each team, receiving all event communication for distribution to their teammates.
    iii. In the event of appeal, the team captain will represent the team in all disputes and appeals to the Regatta Appeals Board.

    2.5 The cost of registration for all teams will be $160. Teams are made of four to six individuals who meet the eligibility requirements set forward in 1.1.

    2.6 The following payment methods are the only acceptable payment methods for the event: credit card payment at the time of registration, transfer from an Indiana University or Indiana University Alumni Association account, or payment from an IU Foundation Account.

    2.7 On the day of the Regatta, all teams must register and present the photo ID used to sign his/her waiver. All team members must be present for the team to be able to register. Registration times, which are listed below, are designated by the team’s assigned heat. Waitlisted teams may come to the registration table at any time, those who check in first getting the first spot. Spots are not guaranteed for waitlisted teams. Check-in will take place in the Admiral Spruance Basin on the downtown canal. Once teams check-in, the handlers and two paddlers must report to the starting point in the Admiral Spruance Basin, and the other two paddlers must report to the exchange point. Handler placement is at the team’s discretion.

    HeatCheck-in Deadline
    1&29:55 a.m.
    3&410:35 a.m.
    5&611:15 a.m.
    7&811:55 a.m.
    9&1012:35 p.m.
    11&121:15 p.m.
    13&141:55 p.m.
    152:30 p.m.

    Note: If you are not checked in by the proper time, your spot will go to a waitlisted team who is ready.

    2.8 All teams must have one or more representative(s) at one of the Regatta Orientations in order to participate. Orientations will be held in the Campus Center on the following dates and times:

    ● Tuesday, September 5 from 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. in CE 305
    ● Wednesday, September 6 from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in CE 002 (Theater)
    ● Tuesday, September 12 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. in CE 002 (Theater)

    2.9 Teams may substitute team members subject to eligibility confirmation until Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 5:00 pm. Official substitutions can only be made by the registered team captain. Teams must include either all students or a combination of faculty, staff, alumni, and/or students. To register as a student team, a team will not be allowed to have paddlers other than IUPUI undergraduate, graduate or professional students. Faculty/staff/alumni/student teams may have any combination of those four (4) affiliations, but the team must be registered as a faculty/staff/alumni/student team.

    2.10 Teams may also have up to two (2) additional team members. These two members may participate in the race as “handlers,” and they also may race in place of another team member to fill the spot of an absence, provided the handler has filled out the necessary paperwork. Teams are encouraged to have at least one (1) handler for this purpose. A team member absence will result in the disqualification of the team.

    2.11 All registration fees will be forfeited if canceling registration after 5:00 pm on Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

    2.12 A total of 150 teams will be allowed to participate in the Regatta. Once this limit has been reached, the next 10 teams that register will be placed on a waitlist. In order to be considered for participation in the Regatta, any team on the waitlist must attend one of the three orientation sessions in the Campus Center on the previously mentioned dates and times. Failure to attend team orientation will result in that waitlisted team’s ineligibility to participate. On or after September 13, 2017, waitlisted teams will be eligible to participate in the event, as necessary, only if a registered team fails to complete a Regatta requirement or violates these Rules.

    2.12.1 Waitlisted teams checked in on the day of the race, who have met all the necessary requirements, will be allowed to participate if a listed team fails to register at their allotted time, have their entire team present at registration, or forfeits on the day of the race. Waitlisted teams may also be allowed to participate if one of the listed teams is deemed incapable of participation by one of the Steering Committee members.

    2.13 Waitlisted teams may check in on the day of the Regatta at any time; those registering first will be first in line should any vacancies in the field of 150 teams come open. Spots are not guaranteed for waitlisted teams.

    2.14 Team members must report to their respective areas (start/finish line or exchange basin) for the start of a heat when announced by the event announcer or 10 minutes prior to the start of their heat.

  • 3. Applicability of Rules & Regulations

    3.1 These Official Race Rules and Regulations (“Rules”) shall apply to both the eligibility for and the staging of the Regatta. Unless otherwise provided, these Rules shall apply to all events staged at and for the Regatta.

  • 4. General Rules

    4.1 Students, faculty, and staff are subject to any applicable Campus and University Code of Conducts while participating in any aspect of the Regatta.

    4.2 Teams shall report to the start and/or exchange area for heat check-in, whichever area appropriately applies to each paddler, and will be called to be ready 10 minutes before their scheduled start time of the heat or finals. In all circumstances, it is the responsibility of each team to be at their respective starting areas on time. The race will not be held for teams who fail to show up on time.

    4.3 The Regatta course will be open for practice on Saturday and Sunday, September 16 and 17, 2017. Additional information will be shared with teams at the time of registration.

    4.4 Teams may want to practice on their own time, with their own equipment, at their own designated location, and at their own risk.

    4.5 All spectators must stay out of the restricted areas reserved for race officials, race participants, and event organizers.

  • 5. Competition Structure

    5.1 Eligible teams will have the option of registering their team as one of the following three categories:

    • All-women’s team – a team made of individuals who identify as females
    • All-men’s team – a team made of individuals who identify as males
    • Co-ed team – a mixed team with any combination of genders (at least one female or male member must be a paddler)

    5.2 Teams registering as all women’s, all men’s or a Co-ed team will be competing for the best women’s team, best men’s team, or best Co-ed team, respectively.

    5.3 Each team will be placed into one of the fifteen (15) heats by the Committee. The Committee retains the sole authority to determine this placement by using either random selection or any other method the Committee deems relevant (for example, team member affiliation: i.e., school, club, fraternity, student, staff, and faculty). Heat placement will be announced on the week of September 18, 2017.

    5.4 The eight fastest teams from fifteen (15) regular heats for each of the categories as listed in paragraph 5.1 will advance to one of three final heats to determine the winner in the group. There will be no more than eight (8) teams in each final heat, and teams will be slated into one of three final heats based on the category in which they’re competing.

    5.5 The three teams with the fastest times from the three final heats will be recognized at the final awards ceremony.

  • 6. Course Structure

    6.1 Two paddlers, with the possible assistance of additional crew members, shall begin the race in the Admiral Spruance Basin (north end of the canal) upon direction of the race officials.

    6.2 There will be ten (10) teams in each heat. At the beginning of each heat, the canoes will line up in two (2) rows of five (5). To start the heat, a signal will be given for the first row of canoes to begin. The individual team’s time will start when their canoe crosses the under the starting line and end when their canoe crosses under the finish line. After the first row crosses the starting line, the second row will advance to the starting line. Fifteen (15) seconds after the first signal is given, the second signal will sound for the second row to begin paddling. Placements will be recorded based on when each individual canoe crosses under the start/finish line, not based on the order that canoes finish.

    6.2 The race shall begin in the Admiral Spruance Basin at 10th and 11th Streets and continue south to the Walnut Street Basin where the teams are required to exchange paddlers at the designated exchange zone. Crewmembers may assist the paddlers at the exchange by assisting the boat to the shore and assisting paddlers in and out of the canoes.

    6.3 After starting in the Admiral Spruance Basin, paddlers should keep to the right of the canal as soon as it is possible. Canoes should attempt to pass on the left.

    6.4 The paddlers must exchange the canoe with two other team members in the exchange zone. After the exchange, the two new paddlers must continue around the basin fountain and marker buoy and back to the Admiral Spruance Basin for the finish.

    6.4.1 Only registered paddlers and handlers on the team are to assist with the exchange. Individuals without race wristbands should not handle the canoes or approach the edge of the exchange basin.

    6.4.2 Crew members or paddlers not in the canoe are prohibited from “pushing-off” the canoe after the exchange; however, paddlers may use their paddles to “push-off” from the basin wall.

    6.5 If at any time, the canoe inadvertently and unintentionally tips over, the paddlers shall move themselves and the canoe to the right of the canal and out of the way of the other participants. Supporting crew members may assist the paddlers back into the boat from the canal edge. Support crew members must not, however, enter the water.

    6.6 A diagram of the race course shall be provided to the participating teams by the Steering Committee.

    6.7 Paddlers finishing the race must cross beneath the start/finish line for their time to register. Those who do not pass under the start/finish line will not have their time corrected.

  • 7. Health & Safety

    7.1 It is the responsibility of each Participant and his/her team to assure that the Participant is in good health and physically fit to participate in the Regatta. In permitting the Participant to participate, the Committee assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the health and physical fitness of any participant and none shall be implied.

    7.2 It is the responsibility of each Participant and team to ensure that all Participants are able to swim at a level to reach the canal’s edge.

    7.3 If for any reason the Participant receives medical assistance from medical health providers on the scene, the decision of said medical provider of whether the Participant is fit to participate in the Regatta shall be final and binding and the Participant shall not participate further in the Regatta until receiving medical clearance.

    7.4 Any Participant endangering the safety of other Participants through the use of aggressive or intentionally dangerous conduct is subject to report by members of the Committee and/or race officials present at the time. Any team that is blatantly violating the safety rules shall be subject to disqualification.

    7.5 All Participants shall not be under the influence of any narcotic or alcoholic substance. Impairment from these substances shall result in automatic disqualification from the Regatta.

    7.6 Notwithstanding any of these Rules to the contrary, only a Head Judge may amend, vary, or otherwise abrogate any of these Rules in the interest of on-water safety of the Participants and the decision of a Head Judge shall be final, binding, and unappealable on any issue of safety.

    7.7 All paddlers shall wear lifejackets when entering the water.

    7.8 Participants shall wear footwear (i.e., sneakers, shoes, boots) that tightens around the foot. No sandals or open-toed shoes will be allowed.

    7.9 It is the responsibility of each team member to understand the proper use and operation of a canoe so not to damage the canoes or the concrete canal wall.

  • 8. Penalties

    8.1 Any participant who violates the rules by: (1) not wearing a life jacket; (2) wearing inappropriate clothing or (3) not wearing proper footwear shall be disqualified.

    8.2 If any team commits a false start, such team shall receive a warning, and the official will restart the heat. A second offense will result in a penalty of fifteen (15) seconds.

    8.3 Any Participant who deliberately or intentionally enters the water during the event (with exception to the paddlers in a capsizing canoe), or who deliberately or intentionally causes another Participant to enter the water during the event, shall be disqualified.

    8.4 Team members not reporting to their respective areas (start/finish line or exchange basin) for the start of a heat when announced by the event announcer or 10 minutes prior to the start of their heat shall be disqualified.

    8.5 Paddlers shall not receive push-offs from their crew members at the point of exchange in the Walnut Street Basin. A push-off by any crewmember who is not a paddler in the canoe shall result in a penalty of fifteen (15) seconds.

    8.6 Teams who do not buffer or stop their canoe’s momentum into the concrete canal edge with their paddles or other material thereby intentionally striking the canoe into the canal wall shall be penalized fifteen (15) seconds. Please note: the canoes are made of aluminum, a soft metal that does not fare well against concrete walls. It is each Participant’s responsibility to make sure that the canoes are not damaged during the race.

    8.7 Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Any Participant shall be warned once for aggressive conduct towards any other Participants. A second occurrence of aggression or participants who create a dangerous situation that threatens the safety and security of other participants shall be disqualified.

    8.8 Any Participant under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or another intoxicant will be prohibited from participating and his/her team shall be disqualified.

    8.9 Any team may be disqualified if that team does not paddle to the exchange zone within eight (8) minutes of the start of that team’s heat.

    8.10 All participants and spectators will avoid wearing clothing displaying profane or obscene language or generally wearing inappropriate clothing for a family-friendly event. All costumes or theme-related props and apparel worn by the teams shall be in good taste. Those who do not abide by this rule could be disqualified, asked to leave the event, and/or referred to the appropriate campus entity (i.e. Dean of Students) for disciplinary action.

    8.11 Penalties shall be assessed by event judges at any point during the event for violations of rules detailed in this packet. Judges should notify teams when a penalty occurs at the time of the infraction with audible and visual warnings (i.e., whistle, verbal warnings, hand gestures, etc.).

    8.12 Teams shall not receive illegal assistance from individuals not registered on the team at the point of exchange in the Walnut Street Basin. Such illegal assistance shall result in disqualification. Any individual without a race wristband should not handle the canoes or approach the edge of the exchange basin.

  • 9. Protest & Appeal Procedures

    9.1 If a team would like to protest a decision by a race official, the team must immediately submit an appeal to a Head Judge by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the Regatta.

    9.2 The Regatta Appeals Board, comprising of the Head Judge, Regatta Executive Director, and Advisor shall review the protest and issue a decision on the appeal. All decisions shall be final and binding.