Due to COVID-19, the traditional Regatta race will not be occurring this year. Nevertheless, the Regatta spirit remains alive, and the Regatta Steering Committee has prepared a plan to re-energize IUPUI students about what it truly means to be a Jaguar. Shifting our attention away from the beloved canoe race, our goal this year is to refocus efforts towards the foundational values that make Regatta the prominent event it is: tradition, service, and partnership. To do this, the Steering Committee will be orchestrating three campus and community engagement events per month. One event each month will focus on tradition, service, and partnership over the course of the fall semester.

To learn more about each event, and how you can get involved, click on the “2020 Regatta” tab in the navigation bar above!

12th Annual IUPUI Regatta

September 26, 2020